Are you thinking about joining the L3 team?

We are currently looking for the following profiles:

Students with a master in chemistry, materials science, bio-engineering, physics, … who are interested in starting a PhD on luminescent lanthanide materials. This PhD can have a focus on coordination chemistry (organic/inorganic synthetic work, experimental, instrumental), it can be more oriented towards solid state inorganic chemistry (solid state synthesis of novel phosphors), or have a physico-chemical approach (focusing more e.g. on the energy transfer from ligands to lanthanides). It can also have a more applied character (e.g. for sensing certain ions, in anti-counterfeiting, …).

If you have a PhD or intend to obtain a PhD degree in chemistry, materials science, bio-engineering, physics, … within the following months, and you would be interested in joining the L3 team as a postdoc, we are looking for the following profiles: a coordination chemist, if possible with expertise on lanthanide coordination chemistry; someone with a background in solid state chemistry or physics involving lanthanides; a lanthanide spectroscopist, possibly with expertise in ultrafast spectroscopy, transient absorption spectroscopy, etc. …

If you are a master student in chemistry or bio-engineering and you would like to make your master thesis work in the L3 team, have a look at our master thesis topics. Does your profile match one of the above? Get in touch!